We're told it's okay to live life our own way
To live for the moment, don't care about what they might say
We're not supposed to fight about who's wrong and who's right
But we only get one take at life so it matters to me

I believe in truth
But sometimes I find that the answers remain mystery

These broken wings won't let me fly
So on I crawl towards the light
I need you here to get me high
And carry me

I've been hurt I've been scarred in this twisted old world
And often that's forced me to rethink my take on it all
Our expectations of life can be dangerously high
'Cause when our perfect world tumbles down we don't know where to turn

Take my hand and lead me
Take over the wheel let me see you're in control

These broken wings won't let me fly
But with you here I know I'll rise
Looking back I realise
You carried me

You carried me all the way

© 2011 Lewis Boulton