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Jun 10 2013

An invitation from the doctor


Just been confirmed that I’ll be filling in on guitar (oh dear, that’s an awful mis-pun) for the truly great Dr Stanley’s Medicine Show on the 5th July at Re-con, Malvern.

I’ve played with Dr Stanley a few times now, and it’s always good fun – if a little under-rehearsed! Not that anyone can tell, of course. Come along and see if you can tell if we managed more practice this time! I should point out that Dr Stanley always sound good and that it’s always a brilliant show.

I’m still sorting out and negotiating gigs for the upcoming “tour” of the new album, so stay tuned (or subscribe to save some effort).

Keep checking the gigs page!

Jun 6 2013



So, I’ve made some updates to the website and set this bloggy thingy up where I can try and be all eloquent and shit to tell you about gigs that are happening, and complain about gigs that didn’t go well.

Only joking, gigs always go well….

Anyway, have a nose around the website – – and if you’re feeling generous, buy an album.

It’s all good,